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Larry Wall

for being wise and good

Marc Lehmann <>

for writing Audio::Play::MPG123

Chris Nandor <>

for writing MP3::Info

Graham Barr <>

for IO::Socket and IO::Select

Brad Appleton <>

for Pod::Usage

Rene K. Mueller <>

for suggestions on improving qx(mp3 ls), and for writing the first thank you letter I got for MP3::Daemon.

Patrik Tschudin <>

for telling me about his ROSS project, and giving me an idea about what direction MP3::Daemon may need to take to help him reach his goal.

Sean E. McSherry <>

for suggesting that I add randomization, and for hinting about some bad behaviour in the client. I found the bugs and fixed them.

He's using MP3::Daemon in conjunction with an X10 remote control unit in his very wired house.

Daniel Pearson <>

for putting up w/ my newbie-ness, and for writing Moosic which is a Python variation on MP3::Daemon. It was interesting to compare and contrast the two implementaions. A little competition is nice, too ;-)

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