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Kip Hampton (PAUSE Custodial Account) > Magpie-1.131280


This Release Magpie-1.131280  [Download] [Browse 08 May 2013
Latest Release Magpie-1.163200  [Download] [Browse 15 Nov 2016
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Magpie Pipelined State Machine Plack Middleware Framework     1.131280
Magpie::Breadboard Bread::Board Container For Pipeline Assets     1.131280
Magpie::Component Base Class For All Magpie Pipeline Components     1.131280
Magpie::Component::ContentCache Internally added content cache component     1.131280
Magpie::ConfigReader::XML Magpie Configuration via XML     1.131280
Magpie::Constants Common Handler Control Constants;     1.131280
Magpie::Dispatcher::Env INCOMPLETE - Placeholder for future Dispatcher Role     1.131280
Magpie::Dispatcher::RequestMethod INCOMPLETE - Placeholder for future Dispatcher Role     1.131280
Magpie::Dispatcher::RequestParam Request Parameter Dispatcher     1.131280
Magpie::Error     1.131280
Magpie::Error::Simplified     1.131280
Magpie::Event Core Event Role Shared By All Magpie Classes     1.131280
Magpie::Event::Symbol Role implementing the common symbol table interface.     1.131280
Magpie::Machine Event Class For Creating Magpie Pipelines     1.131280
Magpie::Matcher Multi-purpose Dispatcher Magic     1.131280
Magpie::Plugin::DBI A simple Role for dealing with DBI-backed assets;     1.131280
Magpie::Plugin::Resource::Cache A Role to add Caching to a Resource;     1.131280
Magpie::Plugin::URITemplate A Role to add URI Template-like path variable capture;     1.131280
Magpie::Resource Abstract base class for all resource types;     1.131280
Magpie::Resource::Abstract INCOMPLETE - Default Resource class.     1.131280
Magpie::Resource::DBIC Resource implementation for DBIx::Class ResultSources.     1.131280
Magpie::Resource::File INCOMPLETE - Basic file Resource implementation.     1.131280
Magpie::Resource::Kioku INCOMPLETE - Resource implementation for KiokuDB datastores.     1.131280
Magpie::SymbolTable Core Magpie Event Symbol Table Object     1.131280
Magpie::Transformer Magpie Pipeline Transformer Base Class     1.131280
Magpie::Transformer::JSON JSON Ouput Transformer     1.131280
Magpie::Transformer::Middleware Use Plack Middleware Handlers As Pipeline Components     1.131280
Magpie::Transformer::ServiceUnavailable Use Plack Middleware Handlers As Pipeline Components     1.131280
Magpie::Transformer::TT2 Template Toolkit Transformer Component     1.131280
Magpie::Transformer::XSLT XSLT Pipeline Transformer     1.131280
Magpie::Transformer::XSP eXtensible Server Pages Transformer     1.131280
Magpie::Types Common Magpie Type Constraints     1.131280
Magpie::Util Common utility functions     1.131280
Plack::Middleware::Magpie Plack Middleware Interface For Pipelined Magpie Applications     1.131280


Magpie::Intro Introduction to the whys and wherefores of Magpie  

Other Files