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NAME ^ - purge Mail::SimpleList::Alias object when they expire

SYNOPSIS ^ directory [min_age] [-v]

DESCRIPTION ^ applies the Purge role from Mail::Action::Role::Purge to a Mail::SimpleList::Aliases collection. This role allows the purging of expired Mail::SimpleList::Alias objects. This program is intended to be run on a regular basis from cron or a similar facility.

When run the number of aliases present in the address directory before the purge and the number of aliases purged will be listed to the terminal.


The only required argument is the directory in which the aliases are stored. This is the same as the argument to the Mail::TempAddress constructor. For safety it is recommended that this be a absolute directory path.


A minimum time that each address has been expired for may be passed as an optional argument. The time may be in seconds or a freeform expression such as "1h30m" or "2m1w".

If -v or --verbose is passed then the aliases present will be listed to the terminal both before and after the purge.


James FitzGibbon, <jfitz@CPAN.ORG>


Copyright (c) 2003, James FitzGibbon. This program is free software; you may use/modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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