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This Release Mail-DMARC-1.20180125  [Download] [Browse 24 Jan 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Mail::DMARC Perl implementation of DMARC     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Base DMARC utility functions     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::HTTP view stored reports via HTTP     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Policy a DMARC policy in object format     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::PurePerl Pure Perl implementation of DMARC     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Report A DMARC report interface     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Report::Aggregate aggregate report object     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Report::Aggregate::Metadata metadata section of aggregate report     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Report::Aggregate::Record record section of aggregate report     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Report::Aggregate::Record::Auth_Results auth_results section of a DMARC aggregate record     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Report::Aggregate::Record::Auth_Results::DKIM auth_results/dkim section of a DMARC aggregate record     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Report::Aggregate::Record::Auth_Results::SPF auth_results/spf section of a DMARC aggregate record     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Report::Aggregate::Record::Identifiers identifiers section of a DMARC aggregate record     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Report::Aggregate::Record::Row row section of a DMARC aggregate record     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Report::Aggregate::Record::Row::Policy_Evaluated row/policy_evaluated section of a DMARC aggregate record     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Report::Receive process incoming DMARC reports     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Report::Send report sending dispatch class     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Report::Send::HTTP utility methods to send reports by HTTP     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Report::Send::SMTP utility methods for sending reports via SMTP     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Report::Store persistent storage broker for reports     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Report::Store::SQL store and retrieve reports from a SQL RDBMS     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Report::URI a DMARC report URI     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Result an aggregate report result object     1.20180125
Mail::DMARC::Result::Reason policy override reason     1.20180125


dmarc_http_client an HTTP client for submitting a DMARC validation request  
dmarc_httpd a web server for DMARC validation and report viewing  
dmarc_lookup look up DMARC policy for a domain  
dmarc_receive receive aggregate reports via IMAP, mbox, or message file(s)  
dmarc_send_reports send aggregate reports  
dmarc_update_public_suffix_list command line tool to download updated public suffix list  
dmarc_view_reports command line report viewer install dependencies with package manager or CPAN  

Other Files