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This Release Mail-Milter-0.07  [Download] [Browse 22 Mar 2006
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Special Files


Mail::Milter Perl extension modules for mail filtering via milter    0.07
Mail::Milter::Chain Perl extension for chaining milter callbacks    0.03
Mail::Milter::ContextWrapper Perl extension for wrappering the milter context    0.03
Mail::Milter::Module::AccessDB emulator for Sendmail "access_db" in a milter    0.01
Mail::Milter::Module::ConnectDNSBL milter to accept/reject connecting hosts matching DNSBLs    0.02
Mail::Milter::Module::ConnectMatchesHostname milter to accept/reject connecting hosts matching regex(es)    0.01
Mail::Milter::Module::ConnectRegex milter to accept/reject connecting hosts matching regex(es)    0.03
Mail::Milter::Module::HeaderFromMissing milter to reject messages missing a From: header    0.03
Mail::Milter::Module::HeaderRegex milter to accept/reject messages with certain headers    0.03
Mail::Milter::Module::HeaderValidateMIME enforce MIME header conformance    0.01
Mail::Milter::Module::HeloRawLiteral milter to check for an IP literal without brackets in HELO    0.03
Mail::Milter::Module::HeloRegex milter to accept/reject connections with certain HELO values    0.01
Mail::Milter::Module::HeloUnqualified milter to check for an unqualified HELO name    0.03
Mail::Milter::Module::MailBogusNull milter to reject null-sender mail to multiple recipients    0.01
Mail::Milter::Module::MailDomainDNSBL milter to accept/reject mail whose sender domain matches a DNSBL    0.04
Mail::Milter::Module::MailDomainDotMX milter to reject mail whose sender domain publishes a null MX record    0.01
Mail::Milter::Module::SPF milter to use Sender Policy Framework for accept/reject    0.01
Mail::Milter::Module::VirusBounceSpew milter to reject antivirus messages typically sent to forged "senders"    0.01
Mail::Milter::Object Perl extension to encapsulate a milter in an object    0.03
Mail::Milter::Wrapper Perl extension for wrappering milter objects    0.03
Mail::Milter::Wrapper::DecodeSRS milter wrapper to decode SRS-encoded return path    0.02
Mail::Milter::Wrapper::DeferToRCPT milter wrapper to delay failure returns    0.03
Mail::Milter::Wrapper::RejectMsgEditor milter wrapper to edit rejection messages    0.03