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All - SpamCannibal Documentation

Documentation for the SpamCannibal Package
Support and Project Participation
HOWTO use SpamCannibal with your mail system
HOW SpamCannibal Works
SpamCannibal Quick Install
HOWTO install SpamCannibal Detailed installation instructions for all packages
Database Recovery - Everything Stopped Working
Adminstration Package Screen Shots
dbtarpittarpit and data collection daemon
dnsblsdns blacklist daemon
bdbaccesslocal and remote database access daemon
DAEMON rc.scripts
rc.dbtarpittype: -h and see the manpage for dbtarpit
rc.dnsblsdnsbls startup script
rc.bdbaccessbdbaccess startup script
rc.sc_dbwatchdatabase watcher ALL daemon start script
rc.sc_lbdaemonstatistics display startup script
rc.multi_dnsbloptional MTA helper daemon that plugs into BIND 9, See: Net::DNSBL::MultiDaemon
SpamCannibal Utility Scripts READ the brief synopsis for each script
Contrib directory
dnsbl_stats.shtmlstatistics page from the SpamCannibal site with include statements for dynamic statistics generated by rc.sc_BLcheck, mimedefang-filter, and Net::DNSBL::MultiDaemon
The included dynamic files for this page are transferred periodically from their source host/directories by a cron job.
mimedefang-filtermimedefang / spamassassin filter configured specifically for use with SpamCannibal
nav.inclfile from the SpamCannibal web site demonstrating the addition of extra menu items
rc_debian_spamcannibalstart up file for debian, redhat, and possibly other Linux distributions
robots.txtfile from the SpamCannibal web site
update_sc.sha shell script run manually or by 'cron' to mirror either the 'rbldnsd' or 'bind' zonefile from the host
zonedump.pla perl script example to periodically dump a SpamCannibal DNSBL zone file and record count file for web export, etc.... much more resource efficient than allowing access to your dnsbl daemon for zone transfers
SpamCannibal modules developers
SpamCannibalsynopsis for SpamCannibal operation
SiteConfigconfiguration of this site
BDBclientmodule to provide access to 'bdbaccess' daemon
GoodPrivacyPGP encode/decode wrapper for system pgp executable
IP2ccFlagcountry code and flag display for WhoisIP and LookupIP
LaBreaDaemoninterface to LaBrea::Tarpit data collection daemon
ParseMessagemodule to parse mail headers for originating MTA
Passwordgenerate and check 'crypt' style passwords
PidUtilchecks for running daemon, creates-manages PID files
SMTPsendsend mail messages without invoking local MTA
ScriptSupportmiscellaneous subroutines for SpamCannibal scripts
Sessionweb session management and token generation
WebServiceweb service routines
WhoisIPworld-wide IP address whois
Supporting Modules developers
Data::Password::Managermodule to generate, check, manage DES passwords
Geo::CountryFlagsmodule to find flag image for country code
Geo::IP::PurePerlmodule to find country code for IPv4 blocks
IPTables::IPv4::DBTarpit::Toolstool kit for manipulating SpamCannibal databases
IPTables::IPv4::DBTarpit::Instscript user dialog interface
LaBrea::Tarpitpackage to collect data from tarpit daemon stream or log file
LaBrea::Tarpit::Reporttarpit daemon data analysis and web display
Net::DNS::Codescommonly used DNS resource record and C lib codes
Net::DNS::ToolKitroutines to generate DNS queries and responses
Net::DNS::ToolKit::RRDNS resource record generation/parsing
Net::DNS::ToolKit::RR::Templategeneric resource record template
Net::DNS::ToolKit::Questionroutines to generate DNS questions/responses
Net::DNS::ToolKit::Utilitieshigher level routines from ToolKit components
Net::DNSBL::MultiDaemonmulti_dnsbl daemon to optimize DNSBL lookups
Net::SMTPperl SMTP interface
Net::Whois::IPperl Whois interface
NetAddr::IP::Liteperl routines to manipulate IP addresses
Proc::PidUtilperl routines to manage PID files
Sys::Hostname::FQDNroutine to return local host name

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