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Mail::Vmailmgr - A Perl module to use Vmailmgr daemon.


use Mail::Vmailmgr;

#create a user account vadduser("", "my_domain_passwd", "martin");


This module allows easy interaction with the vmailmgrd, a daemon designed to allow access to all of vmailmgr functions from unprivileged accounts, such as CGI scripts usually have.

It was designed and tested against vmailmgrd version 0.96.9. A major rewrite of vmailmgrd is expected, so this module may not work properly with newer versions of vmailmgrd.


The author and mantainer of this module is Martin Langhoff <>.

Most of this initial release is based on the PHP version written by Mike Bell <>. This module would not be here without Mike's help.

Passwords ^

Commands that operate on an existing virtual user account can be authorized with either the virtual user account password, or with the domain-user password.

Commands that operate on the virtual domain, such as vadduser, can only be authorized with the domain-user password.

Return codes ^

In a very un-perlish fashion, all of these functions (with a few exceptions) will return an array where the first positions indicates if the command succeded or not.

If the command did not succeed, the error code will be >0. And probably you'll find string in the second position of the array, indicating what went wrong.

The success code is "0". This is consistent with the design of the vmailmgrd interface, and very inconsistent with the general Perl fashion.

vlistdomain($domain, $password){ ^

Returns the user accounts available in the virtual domain.

Similar to the listvdomain binary, supplied with Vmailmgr.

vlookup($domain, $user, $password) ^

Returns for a single virtual user what vlistdomain does for an entire domain.

vadduser($domain, $password, $username, $userpass, @forwards) ^

Similar to the vadduser binary, supplied with Vmailmgr.

vaddalias($domain, $password, $username, $userpass, @forwards) ^

Similar to the vaddalias binary, supplied with Vmailmgr.

vdeluser($domain, $password, $username) ^

Similar to the vdeluser binary, supplied with Vmailmgr.

vchpass($domain, $password, $username, $newpass) ^

Similar to the vchpassd binary, supplied with Vmailmgr.

vchforward($domain, $password, $username, @forwards) ^

Similar to the vchpassd binary, supplied with Vmailmgr.

vchattr($domain, $password, $username, $attr, $value) ^

Change Attribute. Chech attribute list and the possible values with the vmailmgr documentation.

vwriteautoresponse($domain, $password, $username, $message) ^

missing explanation

vreadautoresponse($domain, $password, $username, $message) ^

missing explanation

vdisableautoresponse($domain, $password, $username, $message) ^

missing explanation

venableautoresponse($domain, $password, $username, $message) ^

missing explanation

vautoresponsestatus($domain, $password, $username, $message) ^

missing explanation



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