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This Release Math-PlanePath-126  [Download] [Browse 03 Mar 2018
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License The GNU General Public License, Version 3, June 2007
Special Files


Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue::Plugin::PlanePath     126
Math::NumSeq::PlanePathCoord sequence of coordinate values from a PlanePath module     126
Math::NumSeq::PlanePathDelta sequence of changes and directions of PlanePath coordinates     126
Math::NumSeq::PlanePathN sequence of N values from PlanePath module     126
Math::NumSeq::PlanePathTurn turn sequence from PlanePath module     126
Math::PlanePath points on a path through the 2-D plane     126
Math::PlanePath::AR2W2Curve 2x2 self-similar curve of four patterns     126
Math::PlanePath::AlternatePaper alternate paper folding curve     126
Math::PlanePath::AlternatePaperMidpoint alternate paper folding midpoints     126
Math::PlanePath::AlternateTerdragon alternate terdragon curve     126
Math::PlanePath::AnvilSpiral integer points around an "anvil" shape     126
Math::PlanePath::ArchimedeanChords radial spiral chords     126
Math::PlanePath::AztecDiamondRings rings around an Aztec diamond shape     126
Math::PlanePath::Base::Digits helpers for digit based paths     126
Math::PlanePath::Base::Generic various path helpers     126
Math::PlanePath::Base::NSEW multi-inheritance mixin for North, South, East, West unit steps     126
Math::PlanePath::BetaOmega 2x2 half-plane traversal     126
Math::PlanePath::CCurve Levy C curve     126
Math::PlanePath::CellularRule cellular automaton points of binary rule     126
Math::PlanePath::CellularRule190 cellular automaton 190 and 246 points     126
Math::PlanePath::CellularRule54 cellular automaton points     126
Math::PlanePath::CellularRule57 cellular automaton 57 and 99 points     126
Math::PlanePath::CfracDigits continued fraction terms encoded by digits     126
Math::PlanePath::ChanTree tree of rationals     126
Math::PlanePath::CincoCurve 5x5 self-similar curve     126
Math::PlanePath::Columns points in fixed-height columns     126
Math::PlanePath::ComplexMinus i-1 and other complex number bases i-r     126
Math::PlanePath::ComplexPlus points in complex base i+r     126
Math::PlanePath::ComplexRevolving points in revolving complex base i+1     126
Math::PlanePath::CoprimeColumns coprime X,Y by columns     126
Math::PlanePath::Corner points shaped around in a corner     126
Math::PlanePath::CornerReplicate replicating U parts     126
Math::PlanePath::CretanLabyrinth infinite Cretan labyrinth     126
Math::PlanePath::CubicBase replications in three directions     126
Math::PlanePath::DekkingCentres 5x5 self-similar     126
Math::PlanePath::DekkingCurve 5x5 self-similar edge curve     126
Math::PlanePath::DiagonalRationals rationals X/Y by diagonals     126
Math::PlanePath::Diagonals points in diagonal stripes     126
Math::PlanePath::DiagonalsAlternating points in diagonal stripes of alternating directions     126
Math::PlanePath::DiagonalsOctant points in diagonal stripes for an eighth of the plane     126
Math::PlanePath::DiamondArms four spiral arms     126
Math::PlanePath::DiamondSpiral integer points around a diamond shaped spiral     126
Math::PlanePath::DigitGroups X,Y digits grouped by zeros     126
Math::PlanePath::DivisibleColumns X divisible by Y in columns     126
Math::PlanePath::DragonCurve dragon curve     126
Math::PlanePath::DragonMidpoint dragon curve midpoints     126
Math::PlanePath::DragonRounded dragon curve, with rounded corners     126
Math::PlanePath::FactorRationals rationals by prime powers     126
Math::PlanePath::FibonacciWordFractal turns by Fibonacci word bits     126
Math::PlanePath::File points from a file     126
Math::PlanePath::FilledRings concentric filled lattice rings     126
Math::PlanePath::Flowsnake self-similar path through hexagons     126
Math::PlanePath::FlowsnakeCentres self-similar path of hexagon centres     126
Math::PlanePath::FractionsTree fractions by tree     126
Math::PlanePath::GcdRationals rationals by triangular GCD     126
Math::PlanePath::GosperIslands concentric Gosper islands     126
Math::PlanePath::GosperReplicate self-similar hexagon replications     126
Math::PlanePath::GosperSide one side of the Gosper island     126
Math::PlanePath::GrayCode Gray code coordinates     126
Math::PlanePath::GreekKeySpiral square spiral with Greek key motif     126
Math::PlanePath::HIndexing self-similar right-triangle traversal     126
Math::PlanePath::HeptSpiralSkewed integer points around a skewed seven sided spiral     126
Math::PlanePath::HexArms six spiral arms     126
Math::PlanePath::HexSpiral integer points around a hexagonal spiral     126
Math::PlanePath::HexSpiralSkewed integer points around a skewed hexagonal spiral     126
Math::PlanePath::HilbertCurve 2x2 self-similar quadrant traversal     126
Math::PlanePath::HilbertSides sides of hilbert curve squares     126
Math::PlanePath::HilbertSpiral 2x2 self-similar spiral     126
Math::PlanePath::Hypot points in order of hypotenuse distance     126
Math::PlanePath::HypotOctant octant of points in order of hypotenuse distance     126
Math::PlanePath::ImaginaryBase replications in four directions     126
Math::PlanePath::ImaginaryHalf half-plane replications in three directions     126
Math::PlanePath::KnightSpiral integer points around a square, by chess knight moves     126
Math::PlanePath::KochCurve horizontal Koch curve     126
Math::PlanePath::KochPeaks Koch curve peaks     126
Math::PlanePath::KochSnowflakes Koch snowflakes as concentric rings     126
Math::PlanePath::KochSquareflakes four-sided Koch snowflakes     126
Math::PlanePath::KochelCurve 3x3 self-similar R and F     126
Math::PlanePath::LTiling 2x2 self-similar of four pattern parts     126
Math::PlanePath::MPeaks points in expanding M shape     126
Math::PlanePath::MultipleRings rings of multiples     126
Math::PlanePath::OctagramSpiral integer points drawn around an octagram     126
Math::PlanePath::PeanoCurve 3x3 self-similar quadrant traversal     126
Math::PlanePath::PentSpiral integer points in a pentagonal shape     126
Math::PlanePath::PentSpiralSkewed integer points in a pentagonal shape     126
Math::PlanePath::PixelRings pixellated concentric circles     126
Math::PlanePath::PowerArray array by powers     126
Math::PlanePath::PyramidRows points stacked up in a pyramid     126
Math::PlanePath::PyramidSides points along the sides of pyramid     126
Math::PlanePath::PyramidSpiral integer points drawn around a pyramid     126
Math::PlanePath::PythagoreanTree primitive Pythagorean triples by tree     126
Math::PlanePath::QuadricCurve eight segment zig-zag     126
Math::PlanePath::QuadricIslands quadric curve rings     126
Math::PlanePath::QuintetCentres self-similar "plus" shape centres     126
Math::PlanePath::QuintetCurve self-similar "plus" shaped curve     126
Math::PlanePath::QuintetReplicate self-similar "+" tiling     126
Math::PlanePath::R5DragonCurve radix 5 dragon curve     126
Math::PlanePath::R5DragonMidpoint R5 dragon curve midpoints     126
Math::PlanePath::RationalsTree rationals by tree     126
Math::PlanePath::Rows points in fixed-width rows     126
Math::PlanePath::SacksSpiral circular spiral squaring each revolution     126
Math::PlanePath::SierpinskiArrowhead self-similar triangular path traversal     126
Math::PlanePath::SierpinskiArrowheadCentres self-similar triangular path traversal     126
Math::PlanePath::SierpinskiCurve Sierpinski curve     126
Math::PlanePath::SierpinskiCurveStair Sierpinski curve with stair-step diagonals     126
Math::PlanePath::SierpinskiTriangle self-similar triangular path traversal     126
Math::PlanePath::SquareArms four spiral arms     126
Math::PlanePath::SquareReplicate replicating squares     126
Math::PlanePath::SquareSpiral integer points drawn around a square (or rectangle)     126
Math::PlanePath::Staircase integer points in stair-step diagonal stripes     126
Math::PlanePath::StaircaseAlternating stair-step diagonals up and down     126
Math::PlanePath::TerdragonCurve triangular dragon curve     126
Math::PlanePath::TerdragonMidpoint dragon curve midpoints     126
Math::PlanePath::TerdragonRounded triangular dragon curve, with rounded corners     126
Math::PlanePath::TheodorusSpiral right-angle unit step spiral     126
Math::PlanePath::TriangleSpiral integer points drawn around an equilateral triangle     126
Math::PlanePath::TriangleSpiralSkewed integer points drawn around a skewed equilateral triangle     126
Math::PlanePath::TriangularHypot points of triangular lattice in order of hypotenuse distance     126
Math::PlanePath::UlamWarburton growth of a 2-D cellular automaton     126
Math::PlanePath::UlamWarburtonQuarter growth of a 2-D cellular automaton     126
Math::PlanePath::VogelFloret circular pattern like a sunflower     126
Math::PlanePath::WunderlichMeander 3x3 self-similar "R" shape     126
Math::PlanePath::WunderlichSerpentine transpose parts of Peano curve, including coil order     126
Math::PlanePath::WythoffArray table of Fibonacci recurrences     126
Math::PlanePath::WythoffPreliminaryTriangle Wythoff row containing X,Y recurrence     126
Math::PlanePath::ZOrderCurve alternate digits to X and Y     126