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This Release MetaCPAN-Client-2.025000  [Download] [Browse 22 Apr 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


MetaCPAN::Client A comprehensive, DWIM-featured client to the MetaCPAN API     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::Author An Author data object     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::Cover A Cover data object     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::Distribution A Distribution data object     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::DownloadURL A Download URL data object     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::Favorite A Favorite data object     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::File A File data object     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::Mirror A Mirror data object     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::Module A Module data object     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::Package A package data object (02packages.details entry)     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::Permission A Permission data object     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::Pod A Pod object     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::Rating A Rating data object     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::Release A Release data object     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::Request Object used for making requests to MetaCPAN     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::ResultSet A Result Set     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::Role::Entity A role for MetaCPAN entities     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::Role::HasUA Role for supporting user-agent attribute     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::Scroll A MetaCPAN::Client scroller     2.025000
MetaCPAN::Client::Types type checking helper class     2.025000