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MANIFEST This file
Makefile.PL The Makefile generator (via MakeMaker)
README Please read this
examples/gather Harvest gather program written using Metadata::SOIF
examples/htdig-dump Dump an ht://dig database as Harvest-style SOIF
examples/scan-log Example HTTP log scanning using Metadata::HTTP class
lib/Metadata/  [pod] Metadata::Base class
lib/Metadata/  [pod] Metadata::HTTP class
lib/Metadata/  [pod] Metadata::IAFA class
lib/Metadata/  [pod] Metadata::SOIF class
t/base.t Test Metadata::Base metadata class functionality
t/iafa.t Test Metadata::IAFA functionality
t/soif.t Test Metadata::SOIF functionality
t/time.t Test Metadata::IAFA time functionality