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File::MultiCat - Perl extension for preprocessing/concatenating files for websites.


  use File::MultiCat;
  my $ob = File::MultiCat->new();


  Abstract for File::MultiCat, PPD (Perl Package Description) files.
  Read a file to make a website by concatenating files.
   First filenames on each line are concatenated
   to the last filename on that line, in order.


Stub documentation for File::MultiCat, templeted by h2xs. multicat is a module that does the following:

 Opens the specified input file,
   or 'multicat.dat' if none specified.

 Each line in the file is parsed.

 First filenames on each line are concatenated
   to the last filename on that line, in order.

 Separator between filenames is any number of spaces.

Example of a single line of a multicat.dat file:

header.txt menu.txt a.txt footer.txt a.html

...would create a.html from header.txt, menu.txt, a.txt, and footer.txt. This module doesn't have to be used to preprocess websites -- this is just the most obvious use. Since each line builds a file, you can describe how to build an entire website in minutes.

(Most preprocessors work more as macro processors, but this one acts entirely from outside the files being created.)

The challenge to the website author is to find the best way to make up each concatenated file leaving maximum room for modifying the website later.


None by default.


See http://www.mbstevens.com/preprocessor/index.html for further info. The download from that site has a script (as opposed to module) under the name mcat.pl.

Email: webmaster@mbstevens.com


Michael B. Stevens, <webmaster@mbstevens.com>


Copyright 2004 by Michael B. Stevens

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under terms of the Gnu Public License.

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