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Net::Amazon::MechanicalTurk::Command::DeleteHIT - Attempts to delete a HIT.


    # Deletes a hit by HITId and approves any submitted assignments for the hit.
    $mturk->deleteHIT($hitId, 1);

    # Tries to delete a HIT, but will fail if there are any submitted assignments.
    $mturk->deleteHIT($hitId, 0);

addRetry ^


Deletes a HIT from MechanicalTurk. In order to delete the HIT, this fuction will first try disposing the hit. If the hit can not be disposed, it will attempt to force expire the hit and then dispose it. If that operation fails and the autoApprove flag is on, then submitted assignments will be approved and another disposal attempt will be made.

Even, if this method fails, the HIT may have been changed. It could have been force expired, but still failed disposal. Assignments may also have been approved, even though the last disposal attempt failed.

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