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Net::Drizzle::Connection - Connection object for Net::Drizzle


my $con = Net::Drizzle::Connection->new();

Create new instance of Net::Drizzle::Connection.

my ($ret, $result) = $con->query('select * from foo');

Send query to server.


Get the instance of Net::Drizzle that the connection belongs to.


Close server connection.


Connect to server.


Set events that are ready for a connection. This is used with the external event callbacks.

my $events = $con->events();

Get events for connection.


set the db name.


Set application data for a connection.


Get application data for a connection.


Get protocol version for a connection.


Set protocol version for a connection.


Set scramble buffer for a connection.


Set status for a connection.


Set capabilities for a connection.


Set charset for a connection.


Set thread_id for a connection.


Set max_packet_size for a connection.


Use given file descriptor for connection.


Initialize a result structure.


Read command and buffer it.

my $fd = $con->fd()

Get file descriptor for connection.

my $<?= $v ?> = $con-><?= $v ?>();

Get the server <?= $v ?>

$con->set_tcp($host, $port);

set up the tcp thing.

$con->set_auth($user, $password);

set up authentication thing


Get options for a connection.


Add options for a connection.

my $new_con = $con->clone();

clone the connection.

my $sth = $con->query_add('select * from foo');

add the query for concurrent request.

my $sth = $con->query_str('select * from foo');

create new query

my $fh = $con->fh()

Get file handle for connection.



Write server handshake packet.


Read client handshake packet.


Set server version for connection.


Tokuhiro Matsuno

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