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Ahmad Fatoum > Net-HTTP-Spore


This Release Net-HTTP-Spore-0.09  [Download] [Browse 26 Oct 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Net::HTTP::Spore SPORE client     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Core     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Meta Meta class for all SPORE object     0.14
Net::HTTP::Spore::Meta::Class metaclass for all API client     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Meta::Method create api method     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Meta::Method::Spore declare API method     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Meta::Types Moose type definitions for Net::HTTP::Spore     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware middlewares base class     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::Auth base class for Authentication middlewares     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::Auth::ApiKey middleware for authentication with apikey     0.01
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::Auth::Basic middleware for Basic authentication     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::Auth::Header middleware for authentication with specific header     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::Auth::OAuth middleware for OAuth authentication     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::DoNotTrack add a new header to not track     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::Format base class for formats middlewares     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::Format::Auto     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::Format::JSON middleware for JSON format     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::Format::Text middleware for Text format     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::Format::XML middleware for XML format     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::Format::YAML middleware for YAML format     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::LogDispatch Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::LogDispatch is a middleware that allow you to use LogDispatch.     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::Mock Simple Mocker for Spore middlewares     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::Redirection Middleware for redirections     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::Runtime add a new header with runtime     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Middleware::UserAgent middleware to change the user-agent value     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Request Net::HTTP::Spore::Request - Portable HTTP request object from SPORE env hash     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Response Portable HTTP Response object for SPORE response     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Role Role to easily add multiples Spore clients to your class     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Role::Debug     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Role::Description attributes for API description     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Role::Middleware     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Role::Request make HTTP request     0.09
Net::HTTP::Spore::Role::UserAgent create UserAgent     0.09

Other Files