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Paul Seamons > Net-Server-2.007


This Release Net-Server-2.007  [Download] [Browse 09 Jan 2013
Latest Release Net-Server-2.009  [Download] [Browse 10 Aug 2017
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Special Files


Net::Server Extensible, general Perl server engine     2.007
Net::Server::Daemonize Safe fork and daemonization utilities     0.06
Net::Server::Fork Net::Server personality      
Net::Server::HTTP very basic Net::Server based HTTP server class      
Net::Server::INET Net::Server personality      
Net::Server::Log::Log::Log4perl log via Log4perl      
Net::Server::Log::Sys::Syslog log via Syslog      
Net::Server::MultiType Net::Server personality      
Net::Server::Multiplex Multiplex several connections within one process      
Net::Server::PSGI basic Net::Server based PSGI HTTP server class      
Net::Server::PreFork Net::Server personality      
Net::Server::PreForkSimple Net::Server personality      
Net::Server::Proto Net::Server Protocol compatibility layer      
Net::Server::Proto::SSL Net::Server SSL protocol.      
Net::Server::Proto::SSLEAY Custom Net::Server SSL protocol handler based on Net::SSLeay.      
Net::Server::Proto::TCP Net::Server TCP protocol.      
Net::Server::Proto::UDP Net::Server UDP protocol.      
Net::Server::Proto::UNIX Net::Server UNIX protocol.      
Net::Server::Proto::UNIXDGRAM Net::Server UNIXDGRAM protocol.      
Net::Server::SIG adpf - Safer signal handling     0.03
Net::Server::Single Net::Server personality      


net-server Base Net::Server starting module