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Gianni Ceccarelli > Net-Stomp-MooseHelpers


This Release Net-Stomp-MooseHelpers-2.9  [Download] [Browse 19 Feb 2015
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers set of helper roles and types to deal with Net::Stomp     2.9
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::CanConnect role for classes that connect via Net::Stomp     2.9
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::CanSubscribe role for classes that subscribe via Net::Stomp     2.9
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::Exceptions exception classes for Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers     2.9
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::ReadTrace class to read the output of Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::TraceStomp     2.9
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::ReconnectOnFailure provide a reconnect-on-failure wrapper method     2.9
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::TraceOnly role to replace the Net::Stomp connection with tracing code     2.9
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::TraceStomp role to wrap the Net::Stomp connection in tracing code     2.9
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::TracerRole role to dump Net::Stomp frames to disk     2.9
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::Types type definitions for Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers     2.9