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This Release OODoc-2.01  [Download] [Browse 11 Nov 2015
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


OODoc object oriented production of code related documentation     2.01
OODoc::Format base class for all OODoc formatters     2.01
OODoc::Format::Html Produce HTML pages using OODoc::Template     2.01
OODoc::Format::Pod Produce POD pages from the doc tree     2.01
OODoc::Format::Pod2 Produce POD pages from the doc tree with a template     2.01
OODoc::Format::Pod3 Produce POD pages using OODoc::Template     2.01
OODoc::Format::TemplateMagic helpers to simplify use of Template::Magic     2.01
OODoc::Manifest maintain the information inside a manifest file.     2.01
OODoc::Manual one manual about a package     2.01
OODoc::Object base class for all OODoc classes.     2.01
OODoc::Parser base class for all OODoc parsers.     2.01
OODoc::Parser::Markov Parser for the MARKOV syntax     2.01
OODoc::Text text component as found in a manual     2.01
OODoc::Text::Chapter collects the information of one chapter     2.01
OODoc::Text::Default one default for an option in one subroutine     2.01
OODoc::Text::Diagnostic one explanation of a problem report     2.01
OODoc::Text::Example one example for the use of a subroutine     2.01
OODoc::Text::Option one option for one subroutine     2.01
OODoc::Text::Section collects the text of one section within a chapter     2.01
OODoc::Text::Structure set of paragraphs with examples and subroutines     2.01
OODoc::Text::SubSection collects the text of one subsection within a section     2.01
OODoc::Text::SubSubSection collects the text of one subsubsection within a subsection     2.01
OODoc::Text::Subroutine collects information about one documented sub     2.01


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