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This Release OpenOffice-OODoc-2.125  [Download] [Browse 12 Jul 2010
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License open_source
Special Files


OpenOffice::OODoc The Perl Open OpenDocument Connector     2.125
OpenOffice::OODoc::Document Top level component for content and layout processing     2.025
OpenOffice::OODoc::File I/O operations with OpenDocument files     2.203
OpenOffice::OODoc::Image Image manipulation methods     2.020
OpenOffice::OODoc::Manifest Access to document file descriptor     2.007
OpenOffice::OODoc::Meta Access to document metadata     2.017
OpenOffice::OODoc::Styles Document styles and layout processing     2.027
OpenOffice::OODoc::Text The text processing submodule of OpenOffice::OODoc     2.243
OpenOffice::OODoc::XPath Low-level navigation in the documents     2.237


OpenOffice::OODoc::Intro Introduction to the Open OpenDocument Connector  
odf2pod POD generation from an OpenDocument file  
odf_set_fields Set names & values for user-defined fields  
odf_set_title Set the title of a document using the first heading of the content  
odfbuild OpenDocument file creation utility  
odfextract Text selection and copy from one document to another one  
odffilesearch File selection by keywords  
odffindbasic Basic macro removal from files  
odfhighlight search, replace and highlight text in a document  
odfmetadoc Document properties management interface  
odfsearch Text selection and copy from one document to another using callback  
oodoc_test OpenOffice::OODoc test document generation  
text2odf Text to OpenDocument conversion  
text2table flat text conversion to OpenDocument spreadsheet