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This Release Oryx-0.24  [Download] [Browse 18 Jun 2006
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Special Files


Oryx Meta-Model Driven Object Persistance with Multiple Inheritance    0.24
Oryx::Association abstract base class for Association types     
Oryx::Association::Array Abstract Array association meta-type for Oryx     
Oryx::Association::Hash Abstract base class for hash associations     
Oryx::Association::Reference Abstract base class for reference associations     
Oryx::Attribute Attribute meta-type for Oryx persistent classes     
Oryx::Class abstract base class for Oryx classes     
Oryx::DBI DBI Storage interface for Oryx     
Oryx::DBI::Association Abstract base class for DBI association implementations     
Oryx::DBI::Association::Array DBI implementation of array asssociations     
Oryx::DBI::Association::Hash DBI implementation of hash associations     
Oryx::DBI::Association::Reference DBI implementation of reference associations     
Oryx::DBI::Attribute DBI implementation of attributes     
Oryx::DBI::Class DBI metaclass implementation     
Oryx::DBI::Parent DBI implementation of parent relationships     
Oryx::DBI::Util abstract base class for Oryx DBI utilities     
Oryx::DBI::Util::Generic Oryx DBI utilities for generic connections     
Oryx::DBI::Util::Pg Oryx DBI utilities for PostgreSQL connections     
Oryx::DBI::Util::SQLite Oryx DBI utilities for SQLite connections     
Oryx::DBI::Util::mysql Oryx DBI utilities for MySQL connections     
Oryx::DBM DBM Storage interface for Oryx     
Oryx::DBM::Association Abstract base for DBM association implementations     
Oryx::DBM::Association::Array DBM implementation or array associations     
Oryx::DBM::Association::Hash DBM implementation of hash associations     
Oryx::DBM::Association::Reference DBM implementation of reference associations     
Oryx::DBM::Attribute DBM implementation of attributes     
Oryx::DBM::Class DBM implementation of Oryx metaclasses     
Oryx::DBM::Parent DBM implementation of parent relationships     
Oryx::DBM::Util Oryx DBM utilities     
Oryx::MetaClass abstract base class for all Oryx meta types     
Oryx::Parent multiple inheritance meta-type for Oryx     
Oryx::Schema Schema class for Oryx     
Oryx::Value base class for value types for the Oryx object persistence tool     
Oryx::Value::Binary Values containing large amounts of binary data     
Oryx::Value::Boolean Values containing a single boolean value     
Oryx::Value::Complex Values containing complex Perl types     
Oryx::Value::DateTime Values storing dates and times     
Oryx::Value::Float Values containing floating-point data     
Oryx::Value::Integer Values containing integers     
Oryx::Value::Oid Internal type for identifying rows     
Oryx::Value::String Values containing short strings     
Oryx::Value::Text Values containing large amounts of text data     


Oryx::Manual::Guts Oryx internals documentation for developers