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PApp::Recode - convert bytes from one charset to another


 use PApp::Recode;
 # not auto-imported into .papp-files

 $converter = to_utf8 PApp::Recode "iso-8859-1";


This module creates conversion functions that enable you to convert text data from one character set (and/or encoding) to another.


charset_valid $charset

Returns a boolean indicating wether the named charset is valid on this system (where "valid" is defined as "can be converted from/to UTF-8 using this module").

The PApp::Recode Class

This class can be used to convert textual data between various encodings.

$converter = new PApp::Recode "destination-charset", "source-charset" [, \&fallback]

Returns a new conversion function (a code reference) that converts its argument from the source character set into the destination character set each time it is called (it does remember state, though. A call without arguments resets the state).

Perl's internal UTF-8-flag is ignored on input and not set on output.

Example: create a converter that converts UTF-8 into ascii, html-escaping any non-ascii characters:

   new PApp::Recode "ascii", "utf-8", sub { sprintf "&#x%x;", $_[0] };
$converter = to_utf8 PApp::Recode "source-character-set" [, \&fallback]

Similar to a call to new with the first argument equal to "utf-8". The returned conversion function will, however, forcefully set perl's UTF-8 flag on the returned scalar.

$converter = utf8_to PApp::Recode "destination-character-set" [, \&fallback]

Similar to a call to new with the second argument equal to "utf-8". The returned conversion function will, however, upgrade its argument to UTF-8.

The PApp::Recode::Pconv Class

This is the class that actually implements character conversion. It should not be used directly.

new PApp::Recode::Pconv tocode, fromcode [, fallback]

Create a new encoding convert that encodes from fromcode to tocode, optionally invoking the fallback code reference for every character that is not representable in the target encoding.

PApp::Recode::Pconv::open tocode, fromcode [, fallback]

Convenience function that calls new and returns the converter.

$pconv->convert($string [, reset])

Convert the given string. If reset is true, the internal multibyte state is reset before conversion.


Reset the multibyte state.

$pconv->convert_fresh ($string)

Same as convert with reset set to true.




 Marc Lehmann <>
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