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papp-admin - administrate papp


   Usage: papp-admin [opts...]

       -h | --help             this list
       -v | --verbose          be more verbose
       -q | --quiet            be very quiet
       -V | --version          show papp version string
            --initdb           initialize/upgrade database (NYI)
          | --addset <set>     create appset <set>
          | --delset <set>     delete appset <set>
            --list-apps        list applications
            --list-appsets     list application sets
            --list-users       list (registered) users
            --list-groups      list groups / access rights

            --upgrade-apps     upgrade all mounted applications.

       -a | --app <name>       select/create application <name>
            --appset <name>    set application set <name>
            --path <path>      set application path
            --mount <cfg>      set <cfg> as mountconfig (or location)
            --config <cfg>     set <cfg> as application config

       -g | --group <name>     select/create group <name>
            --comment <text>   set the group comment string

       -u | --user <name>      select/create user <name>
            --password <pw>    set new password (dangerous!)
            --comment <text>   set the user comment string
            --grant <group>    add user to <group>
            --revoke <group>   remove user from <group>

       -d | --delete           delete selected object
       -s | --show             show currently selected object

            --expire           expire the state and user db
                               see the following arguments
            --keepuser t       keep anon. users this long
            --keepreguser t    keep registeres users this long
            --keepstate t      keep state entries this long

            --flush-cache      flush package cache (and other things)

            --domain <dom>     select/create translation domain <dom>
            --import-po <src>  import po-like files from directory <dst>
            --export-po <dst>  export po-like file(s) into directory <dst>
            --import <src>     import domain(s) from file <src>
            --export <dst>     export selected domain to file <dst>
            --reorganize       reorganize/check various databases, like the
                               translation messages.


 # list all applications
 papp-admin --list-apps

 # create a new application-set "port81"
 papp-admin --addset port81

 # create/change an application and mount it onto /test
 papp-admin --app test --appset port81 --path apps/test.papp --mount /test

 # delete the test application again
 papp-admin --app test --delete

 # remount app application to /otheradm, destroying other mount options
 papp-admin -app admin --mount /otheradm

 # expire state databases, keep anonymous users 60d,
 # registered users 1 year and state entries for 14 days:
 papp-admin --keepuser 60d --keepreguser 1y --keepstate 14d --expire


This utility is used to manage PApp applications, users, groups and their associated state/session/preferences data.




 Marc Lehmann <>
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