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PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Name - Inherits from PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::String and stores PDF names (things beginning with /)



Creates a new string object (not a full object yet) from a given string. The string is parsed according to input criteria with escaping working, particular to Names.

$n->convert ($string, $pdf)

Converts a name into a string by removing the / and converting any hex munging.

$s->as_pdf ($pdf)

Returns a name formatted as PDF. $pdf is optional but should be the PDF File object for which the name is intended if supplied.

PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Name->string_to_name ($string, $pdf)

Suitably encode the string $string for output in the File object $pdf (the exact format may depend on the version of $pdf).

PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Name->name_to_string ($string, $pdf)

Suitably decode the string $string as read from the File object $pdf (the exact decoding may depend on the version of $pdf). Principally, undo the hex encoding for PDF versions > 1.1.

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