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POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::DCC - A PoCo-IRC plugin providing support for DCC transfers


 # send a file
 my $file = '/home/user/secret.pdf';
 my $recipient = 'that_guy';
 $irc->yield(dcc => $recipient => SEND => $file);

 # receive a file
 sub irc_dcc_request {
     my ($user, $type, $port, $cookie, $file, $size, $addr) = @_[ARG0..$#_];
     return if $type ne 'SEND';

     my $irc = $_[SENDER]->get_heap();
     my $nick = (split /!/, $user)[0];

     print "$nick wants to send me '$file' ($size bytes) from $addr:$port\n");
     $irc->yield(dcc_accept => $cookie);


This plugin provides the IRC commands needed to make use of DCC. It is used internally by POE::Component::IRC so there's no need to add it manually.



Takes no arguments.

Returns a plugin object suitable for feeding to POE::Component::IRC's plugin_add method.


Sets the TCP ports that can be used for DCC sends. Takes one argument, an arrayref containing the port numbers.


Sets the public NAT address to be used for DCC sends.


Takes one argument, a DCC connection id (see below). Returns a hash of information about the connection. The keys are: 'nick', 'type', 'port', 'file', 'size', 'done,', and 'peeraddr'.


The plugin responds to the following POE::Component::IRC commands.


Send a DCC SEND or CHAT request to another person. Takes at least two arguments: the nickname of the person to send the request to and the type of DCC request (SEND or CHAT). For SEND requests, be sure to add a third argument for the filename you want to send. Optionally, you can add a fourth argument for the DCC transfer blocksize, but the default of 1024 should usually be fine. The fifth (and optional) argument is the request timeout value in seconds (default: 300).

Incidentally, you can send other weird nonstandard kinds of DCCs too; just put something besides 'SEND' or 'CHAT' (say, 'FOO') in the type field, and you'll get back irc_dcc_foo events (with the same arguments as irc_dcc_chat) when data arrives on its DCC connection.

If you are behind a firewall or Network Address Translation, you may want to consult POE::Component::IRC's connect for some parameters that are useful with this command.


Accepts an incoming DCC connection from another host. First argument: the magic cookie from an irc_dcc_request event. In the case of a DCC GET, the second argument can optionally specify a new name for the destination file of the DCC transfer, instead of using the sender's name for it. (See the irc_dcc_request section below for more details.)


Resumes a DCC SEND file transfer. First argument: the magic cookie from an irc_dcc_request event. An optional second argument provides the name of the file to which you want to write.


Sends lines of data to the person on the other side of a DCC CHAT connection. The first argument should be the wheel id of the connection which you got from an irc_dcc_start event, followed by all the data you wish to send (it'll be separated with newlines for you).


Terminates a DCC SEND or GET connection prematurely, and causes DCC CHAT connections to close gracefully. Takes one argument: the wheel id of the connection which you got from an irc_dcc_start (or similar) event.



Note: This event is actually emitted by POE::Filter::IRC::Compat, but documented here to keep all the DCC documentation in one place. In case you were wondering.

You receive this event when another IRC client sends you a DCC (e.g. SEND or CHAT) request out of the blue. You can examine the request and decide whether or not to accept it (with dcc_accept) here. In the case of DCC SENDs, you can also request to resume the file with dcc_resume.

Note: DCC doesn't provide a way to explicitly reject requests, so if you don't intend to accept one, just ignore it or send a NOTICE or PRIVMSG to the peer explaining why you're not going to accept.


This event notifies you that a DCC connection has been successfully established.


Notifies you that one line of text has been received from the client on the other end of a DCC CHAT connection.


Notifies you that another block of data has been successfully transferred from the client on the other end of your DCC GET connection.


Notifies you that another block of data has been successfully transferred from you to the client on the other end of a DCC SEND connection.


You receive this event when a DCC connection terminates normally. Abnormal terminations are reported by irc_dcc_error.


You get this event whenever a DCC connection or connection attempt terminates unexpectedly or suffers some fatal error. Some of the following values might be undefined depending the stage at which the connection/attempt failed.


Dennis 'fimmtiu' Taylor and Hinrik Örn Sigurðsson,

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