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POEx::ZMQ3 - **DEPRECATED** See POEx::ZMQ instead


  use POEx::ZMQ3;
  # A POEx::ZMQ3::Sockets instance:
  my $zmq = POEx::ZMQ3->new;
  # See POEx::ZMQ3::Sockets for a complete example.


This distribution is deprecated and known broken with ZMQ4+! It will likely be deleted in the future.

See POEx::ZMQ instead. As of this writing, developer releases are available on CPAN, and you can help by contributing issues and/or fixes for same at

A set of roles and classes providing a POE-enabled asynchronous interface to ZeroMQ (version 3) via ZMQ::LibZMQ3.

ZeroMQ is a powerful high-performance messaging library aimed at concurrent/distributed applications. If you're just getting started with ZeroMQ, it is strongly advised you read the zguide ( before jumping in.

You will need zeromq-3.2.2 or newer:

This is early development software; see "BUGS".


POEx::ZMQ3::Sockets is the backend ZMQ component. It can be used directly to add flexible ZeroMQ functionality to your POE applications.

There are some higher-level components providing simple access to single sockets belonging to basic types:

POEx::ZMQ3::Publisher and POEx::ZMQ3::Subscriber implement PUB and SUB type ZeroMQ sockets.

POEx::ZMQ3::Requestor and POEx::ZMQ3::Replier implement REQ and REP type sockets.

These are very simple base implementations. They can be subclassed or combined in varied ways to do more powerful things. As of this writing, more advanced socket types are lacking component classes, but these can be easily implemented with POEx::ZMQ3::Sockets.


MooX::Role::POE::Emitter provides POE event emitter functionality and some endpoint management methods.



If your application forks, the global context object needs to be reset by calling POEx::ZMQ3::Context->reset before creating sockets. See POEx::ZMQ3::Context.


Probably many undiscovered; this software is fairly early in development.

See and feel free to report bugs via either RT or GitHub.


The examples/ directory in the distribution and perhaps the tests in t/.



Jon Portnoy <>

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