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Path::Dispatcher::Cookbook - A cookbook for Path::Dispatcher


How can I change the path delimiter from a space ' ' to a slash '/'?

When importing the Path::Dispatcher::Declarative sugar, specify the token_delimiter option for the default group.

    package My::Dispatcher;
    use Path::Dispatcher::Declarative -base, -default => {
        token_delimiter => '/',

Or define a subclass of Path::Dispatcher::Declarative with a token_delimiter method:

    package Web::Dispatcher::Maker;
    use base 'Path::Dispatcher::Declarative';

    use constant token_delimiter => '/';

    package My::Dispatcher;
    use Web::Dispatcher::Maker -base;

How can I do rule chaining (like in Catalyst)?

You can use a chain rule approximate chaining behavior:

    package MyDispatcher;
    use Path::Dispatcher::Declarative -base;

    under show => sub {
        chain {
            print "Displaying ";
        on inventory => sub {
            print "inventory:\n";
        on score => sub {
            print "score:\n";

    package main;

    MyDispatcher->run("show inventory"); # "Displaying inventory:\n ..."

    MyDispatcher->run("show score"); # "Displaying score:\n ..."

How can I configure tab completion for shells?

First add a dispatcher rule for generating completions based on the path. Here we name it _gencomp, so that if the user types "app _gencomp hel" it will print out the various completions of "hel".

    on qr/^_gencomp\s*(.*)/ => sub {
        my $prefix = shift->pos(1);
        $prefix = "" if !defined($prefix);
        print "$_\n" for dispatcher->complete($prefix);

Then tell your shell about how to use _gencomp. For zsh it might look like this (replace "APP" with your binary name):

        #compdef APP
        typeset -a APP_completions
        APP_completions=($($words[1] _gencomp $words[2,-1]))
        compadd $APP_completions

For bash it might look like this:

        function _APP_()
            COMPREPLY=($($1 _gencomp ${COMP_WORDS[COMP_CWORD]}))

        complete -F _APP_ APP
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