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This Release Path-Resolver-3.100454  [Download] [Browse 09 Oct 2013
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Path::Resolver go from "file" names to things     3.100454
Path::Resolver::CustomConverter a one-off converter between any two types using a coderef     3.100454
Path::Resolver::Resolver::AnyDist find content in any installed CPAN distribution's "ShareDir"     3.100454
Path::Resolver::Resolver::Archive::Tar find content inside a tar archive     3.100454
Path::Resolver::Resolver::DataSection find content in a package's Data::Section content     3.100454
Path::Resolver::Resolver::DistDir find content in a prebound CPAN distribution's "ShareDir"     3.100454
Path::Resolver::Resolver::FileSystem find files in the filesystem     3.100454
Path::Resolver::Resolver::Hash glorified hash lookup     3.100454
Path::Resolver::Resolver::Mux::Ordered multiplex resolvers by checking them in order     3.100454
Path::Resolver::Resolver::Mux::Prefix multiplex resolvers by using path prefix     3.100454
Path::Resolver::Role::Converter something that converts from one type to another     3.100454
Path::Resolver::Role::FileResolver a resolver that natively finds absolute file paths     3.100454
Path::Resolver::Role::Resolver resolving paths is just what resolvers do!     3.100454
Path::Resolver::SimpleEntity a dead-simple entity to return, only provides content     3.100454
Path::Resolver::Types types for use with Path::Resolver     3.100454