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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Perinci::Examples Various examples of Rinci metadata     0.74
Perinci::Examples::ArgsAs Demonstrate various values of `args_as` function metadata property     0.74
Perinci::Examples::CLI Example for CLI help/usage generation     0.74
Perinci::Examples::CSV Test CSV output     0.74
Perinci::Examples::CmdLineResMeta Functions in this package contains cmdline.* result metadata     0.74
Perinci::Examples::CmdLineSrc Examples for using cmdline_src function property     0.74
Perinci::Examples::Coercion Coercion examples     0.74
Perinci::Examples::Completion More completion examples     0.74
Perinci::Examples::FilePartial Examples for reading/writing files (demos partial argument/result)     0.74
Perinci::Examples::FileStream Examples for reading/writing files (using streaming result)     0.74
Perinci::Examples::NoMeta Example of module without any metadata     0.74
Perinci::Examples::ResultNaked Demonstrate `result_naked` property     0.74
Perinci::Examples::Stream Examples for streaming input/output     0.74
Perinci::Examples::SubMeta Test argument submetadata     0.74
Perinci::Examples::Table Table examples     0.74
Perinci::Examples::Tiny Small examples     0.74
Perinci::Examples::Tiny::Args Tests related to function arguments     0.74
Perinci::Examples::Tiny::Result Tests related to function result     0.74
Perinci::Examples::Tx Examples for using transaction     0.74
Perinci::Examples::Version Package that contains entity_v in its Rinci package metadata     0.74