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Module Version: 0.04   Source   Latest Release: Perl-Critic-Dynamic-0.05


Perl::Critic::Dynamic - Non-static policies for Perl::Critic


This module has no functionality, but instead contains documentation for this distribution and acts as a means of pulling other modules into a bundle. All of the Policy modules contained herein will have an "AFFILIATION" section announcing their participation in this grouping.


Perl::Critic is primarily used as a static source code analyzer, which means that it never compiles or executes any of the code that it examines. But since Perl is a dynamic language, there are certain types of problems that cannot be discovered until the code is actually compiled.

This distribution includes Perl::Critic::DynamicPolicy, which can be used as a base class for Policies that wish to compile the code they analyze. The distribution also contains Perl::Critic::Policy::Dynmaic::ValidateAgainstSymbolTable which demonstrates the use of Perl::Critic::DynamicPolicy.


Development of the Perl-Critic-Dynamic distribution was financed by a grant from The Mathworks ( The Perl::Critic team sincerely thanks The Mathworks for their generous support of the Perl community and open-source software.


Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer <>


Copyright (c) 2007 Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer. All rights reserved.

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