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perlpatch2svn - Import bleadperl patches into a Subversion repository


    perlpatch2svn [-f] [patchfiles...]

*** DEPRECATED *** ^

This script is currently not maintained. It seems like an inferior approach to what svk and are going to provide. The script is kept in the distribution because it contains a lot of interesting and helpful code for people interested in getting *something* going.


This program reads a list of patches applied to the bleadperl source trunk or a branch and applies them to a local Subversion repository.

The patches can be retrieved via the perl5-changes mailing list, or from one of the URLs documented in perlhack(3). Alternatively, if you have access to the bleadperl Perforce repository, they can be created with Andreas Koenig's p4genpatch utility.

You must run this program from the root of source tree in the subversion working copy you want to update. The patchfiles can be given on the command-line; if not, perlpatch2svn reads patches from the standard input.

perlpatch2svn will skip the patches that have been already applied. To do this, he scans the changelog of the Subversion working copy for the last Perforce patch number. This means that you should apply patches from Perforce in order. The -f (force) option disables this behavior.

Create the Subversion repository

See apc2svn. The following description predates apc2svn and is only left here to explain the principle.

Here's the list of commands I used to create a Subversion repository with perl 5.8.0 in it :

    $ cd /home/rafael
    $ tar zxf perl-5.8.0.tar.gz
    $ svnadmin create bleadperl-svn
    $ svn import file:///home/rafael/bleadperl-svn perl-5.8.0 perl \
        -m 'Import Perl 5.8.0'
    $ svn co file:///home/rafael/bleadperl-svn/perl bleadperl-wc
    $ cd bleadperl-wc

Then, I set the property svn:eol-type to native on files that contain CRLF line endings : (warning, shell hackery involved -- ^M is a real ctrl-M character)

    $ svn propset svn:eol-style native `grep -rl '^M' * | fgrep -v .svn`
    $ svn commit -m 'Force CRLF files as LF'

This previous command marks the said files as being always checked out with the line endings native to the current platform. On Unices, they will thus have LF line endings. This is necessary for patches to be applied to them. CRLF line endings must be restored when a source tarball is to be released (see Porting/makerel in the perl source distribution).

And then, to import the patches :

    $ zcat /path/to/bleadperl-patches/* | perlpatch2svn


During the course of the perforce repository evolution a number of files have been checked in that were marked as binary for some reason and therefore are not available via the patch set. perlpatch2svn corrects that by including all those files within itself and checking them into subversion. Whenever it does so, it sends a message to STDERR saying something like

    Info: inserting our own //depot/perl/lib/Bundle/


As of bleadperl @18039, you can't build perl from within your Subversion working copy, because the installation process of perl corrupts it, by creating spurious .svn directories.

Similarly, make distclean removes too much files, including a few files in the .svn directories, thus corrupting the working copy.

Until MakeMaker is fixed, a workaround, if your system supports it, is to build outside the source tree, via the -Dmksymlinks Configure option.


Written by Rafael Garcia-Suarez and Andreas Koenig.

This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

$Id: perlpatch2svn 135 2005-06-23 08:13:30Z k $


perlhack(3), svn(1), and Porting/p4genpatch in the perl source distribution.

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