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This Release PlugAuth-0.38  [Download] [Browse 26 Jul 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Clustericious::Plugin::SelfPlugAuth Self authentication for PlugAuth     0.38
PlugAuth Pluggable authentication and authorization server.     0.38
PlugAuth::Client PlugAuth Client     0.38
PlugAuth::Plugin::Audit Audit log for authentication/authorization     0.38
PlugAuth::Plugin::DisableGroup Disable accounts which belong to a group     0.38
PlugAuth::Plugin::FlatAuth Authentication using Flat Files for PlugAuth     0.38
PlugAuth::Plugin::FlatAuthz Authorization using flat files for PlugAuth     0.38
PlugAuth::Plugin::FlatUserList PlugAuth plugin that provides a user list without authentication.     0.38
PlugAuth::Plugin::Test Test Plugin server     0.38
PlugAuth::Role::Auth Role for PlugAuth authentication plugins     0.38
PlugAuth::Role::Authz Role for PlugAuth authorization plugins     0.38
PlugAuth::Role::Flat private role used by FlatAuth and FlatAuthz.     0.38
PlugAuth::Role::Plugin Role for PlugAuth plugins     0.38
PlugAuth::Role::Refresh Role for PlugAuth reload plugins     0.38
PlugAuth::Role::Welcome Role for PlugAuth reload plugins     0.38
PlugAuth::Routes routes for plugauth     0.38
Test::PlugAuth::Plugin Private package for Test::PlugAUth::Plugin::* modules     0.38
Test::PlugAuth::Plugin::Auth Test a PlugAuth Auth plugin for correctness     0.38
Test::PlugAuth::Plugin::Authz Test a PlugAuth Authz plugin for correctness     0.38
Test::PlugAuth::Plugin::Refresh Test a PlugAuth Refresh plugin for correctness     0.38


PlugAuth::Guide::Client Guide for authenticating and authorizing against a PlugAuth server  
PlugAuth::Guide::Plugin Guide for writing PlugAuth plugins.  
PlugAuth::Guide::Server Guide for setting up a PlugAuth server.  
plugauth PlugAuth server  
plugauthclient Plug auth command line client  
plugauthpasswd Change your PlugAuth password