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Ricardo SIGNES > Pod-Elemental


This Release Pod-Elemental-0.103004  [Download] [Browse 26 Dec 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Pod::Elemental work with nestable Pod elements     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Autoblank a paragraph that always displays an extra blank line in Pod form     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Autochomp a paragraph that chomps set content     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Command a =command paragraph     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Document a pod document     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Element::Generic::Blank a series of blank lines     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Element::Generic::Command a Pod =command element     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Element::Generic::Nonpod a non-pod element in a Pod document     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Element::Generic::Text a Pod text or verbatim element     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Element::Nested an element that is a command and a node     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Element::Pod5::Command a Pod5 =command element     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Element::Pod5::Data a Pod data paragraph     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Element::Pod5::Nonpod a non-pod element in a Pod document     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Element::Pod5::Ordinary a Pod5 ordinary text paragraph     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Element::Pod5::Region a region of Pod (this role likely to be removed)     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Element::Pod5::Verbatim a Pod verbatim paragraph     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Flat a content-only pod paragraph     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Node a thing with Pod::Elemental::Nodes as children     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Objectifier it turns a Pod::Eventual event stream into objects     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Paragraph a paragraph in a Pod document     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Selectors predicates for selecting elements     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Transformer something that transforms a node tree into a new tree     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Transformer::Gatherer gather related paragraphs under a shared header     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Transformer::Nester group the document into sections     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Transformer::Pod5 the default, minimal semantics of Perl5's pod element hierarchy     0.103004
Pod::Elemental::Types data types for Pod::Elemental     0.103004