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README The main README file
MANIFEST This shipping list
ChangeLog List of changes
Makefile.PL Generic Makefile template
PP.pm  [pod] The Pod::PP pre-processor
PP/Env.pm Maintains pre-processing environment
PP/State.pm Maintains state machine information for if/else
PP/State/Info.pm Individual stack state information
scripts/podpp.PL  [pod] Generates the podpp script
t/code.pl Common testubg routines
t/comment.t Tests =pp comment
t/define.t Tests =pp define
t/doc/bad_include Document for bad file inclusion testing
t/doc/comments Document for comment testing
t/doc/defines Document for symbol definition testing
t/doc/h/bar.pp Include file for inclusion testing
t/doc/h/def.pp Include file defining symbols
t/doc/h/foo.pp Include file for inclusion testing
t/doc/image Document for image testing
t/doc/include Document for include testing
t/doc/mixing Document mixing regular POD with Pod::PP
t/doc/normalize Document to check normalization
t/doc/require Document for require testing
t/doc/tests Document for if/else testing
t/doc/undef Document for symbol undefining testing
t/image.t Tests =pp image
t/include.t Tests =pp include
t/normalize.t Tests output normalization
t/pass_through.t Tests that regular POD passes through
t/require.t Tests =pp require
t/tests.t Tests the if/else tests
t/undef.t Tests =pp undef