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podpp - POD pre-processor


podpp [-h] [-I dir] [-D sym[=val]] [-U sym] [-o file] [file1file2, ...]


podpp is a pre-processor for POD, implemented on top of the Pod::PP module. You should refer to Pod::PP for the supported POD directives, since this manpage only documents the pre-processor script.

podpp either takes a list of files from the command line or reads from STDIN. The output is emitted to STDOUT or to a single file, as one big happy stream.


The following options are supported:

-D sym[=val]

Defines symbol sym. If val is specified, the symbol sym is set to that value, otherwise it is marked defined but will not expand to anything.

You may choose to leave a space between -D and sym if you wish. For instance:

        -D SYMBOL
        -D SYMBOL='string with spaces'

You may give as many -D switches as you want.

-I dir

Appends dir to the include search path. The space between -I and dir is optional, as in:

        -I.. -I ../h

You may give as many -I switches as necessary. The include search path is initially limited to ".", i.e. files to be included are located from the place where the file making the inclusion lies.

-U sym

Undefines symbol sym.


Prints a summary of the command line options.

-o file

Redirect output to named file, instead of regular STDOUT.


Raphael Manfredi <>



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