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CHANGES -- Change history
README -- Main information file
MANIFEST -- This shipping list
Makefile.PL -- Perl Makefile template
META.yml -- Module meta-data (added by MakeMaker)
lib/Pod/  [pod] -- The Pod::Usage module source
scripts/pod2usage.PL  [pod] -- Script to print usage from a file's embeded pod docs
t/inc/Pod/ -- old Pod::Parser code only required for testing
t/inc/Pod/ -- test to be refactored to get rid of this
t/pod/ -- module used to compare output against expected results
t/pod/ -- module used to test Pod::PlainText for a given file
t/pod/pod2usage.t -- test input file for processing pod2usage.PL
t/pod/ -- test script for POD in __DATA__ section
t/pod/pod2usage2.t -- more Pod::Usage tests
t/pod/pod2usage.xr -- expected result from processing pod2usage.PL
t/pod/usage.pod -- test POD for pod2usage tests
t/pod/usage2.pod -- test POD for pod2usage tests
t/pod/ -- corner case for section selection
t/pod/selectheaders.t -- test for section selection
t/pod/ -- make sure marked up text in headings is not lost
t/pod/headwithmarkup.t -- test for the above
t/pod/ -- testcase for -sections options
t/pod/selectsections.t -- test for -sections options
META.json Module JSON meta-data (added by MakeMaker)