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Luis M Rodríguez-R > Polloc-1.5.1


This Release Polloc-1.5.1  [Download] [Browse 05 Jun 2011
Latest Release Polloc-1.5.3b  [Download] [Browse 29 Jun 2011
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Bio::Polloc::Genome A group of sequences from the same organism      
Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria Rules to group loci      
Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria::operator An acillary object for Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria      
Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria::operator::bool A boolean operator      
Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria::operator::cons A constant      
Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria::operator::num A numeric operator      
Bio::Polloc::GroupCriteria::operator::seq A sequence operator      
Bio::Polloc::LociGroup A group of loci      
Bio::Polloc::Locus::amplicon An amplification product      
Bio::Polloc::Locus::composition A composition feature      
Bio::Polloc::Locus::crispr A CRISPR locus      
Bio::Polloc::Locus::extend A feature based on another one      
Bio::Polloc::Locus::generic An unknown feature      
Bio::Polloc::Locus::pattern A loci matching a pattern.      
Bio::Polloc::Locus::repeat A repetitive locus      
Bio::Polloc::LocusI Interface of Bio::Polloc::Locus::* objects      
Bio::Polloc::LocusIO I/O interface of Bio::Polloc::Locus::* objects      
Bio::Polloc::LocusIO::gff3 A LocusIO for Gff3      
Bio::Polloc::Polloc::Config Handles .cfg files      
Bio::Polloc::Polloc::Error Errors handler for the Bio::Polloc::* packages      
Bio::Polloc::Polloc::IO I/O interface for the Bio::Polloc::* packages      
Bio::Polloc::Polloc::Root Perl library for Polymorphic Loci Analyses     1.0501
Bio::Polloc::Rule::boolean A rule of type boolean operator      
Bio::Polloc::Rule::composition A rule of type composition      
Bio::Polloc::Rule::crispr A rule of type CRISPR      
Bio::Polloc::Rule::pattern A rule determined by a pattern      
Bio::Polloc::Rule::profile A rule of type profile      
Bio::Polloc::Rule::repeat A rule of type repeat      
Bio::Polloc::Rule::tandemrepeat A rule of type tandemrepeat      
Bio::Polloc::RuleI Generic rules interface      
Bio::Polloc::RuleIO I/O interface for the sets of rules (Bio::Polloc::RuleI)      
Bio::Polloc::RuleSet::cfg Implementation of Bio::Polloc::RuleIO for .cfg files      
Bio::Polloc::Typing::bandingPattern banding-pattern-based methods for typing assessment      
Bio::Polloc::Typing::bandingPattern::amplification banding-pattern-based methods for typing assessment using amplification      
Bio::Polloc::TypingI Generic typing interface      
Bio::Polloc::TypingIO I/O interface for genotyping methods (Bio::Polloc::TypingI)      
Bio::Polloc::TypingIO::cfg Implementation of Bio::Polloc::TypingIO for .cfg files      



Other Files