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This Release PostScript-Font-1.10.03  [Download] [Browse 27 Dec 2014
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Special Files


PostScript::BasicTypesetter Module for basic typesetting     0.04
PostScript::Font module to fetch data from PostScript fonts     1.05
PostScript::Font::TTtoType42 Wrap a TrueType font into PostScript Type42     0.04
PostScript::FontInfo module to fetch data from PostScript font .inf files     1.05
PostScript::FontMetrics module to fetch data from Adobe Font Metrics file     1.06
PostScript::ISOLatin1Encoding ISOLatin1Encoding for PostScript fonts     1.01
PostScript::ISOLatin9Encoding ISOLatin9Encoding for PostScript fonts     1.01
PostScript::PrinterFontMetrics module to fetch data from Printer Font Metrics files     0.08
PostScript::PseudoISO Module with handy ISO enhancements     1.00
PostScript::Resources module to fetch data from Unix PostScript Resource '.upr' files     1.03
PostScript::StandardEncoding Adobe StandardEncoding for PostScript fonts     1.01
PostScript::WinANSIEncoding WinANSIEncoding for PostScript fonts     1.01


font2pfa/font2pfb decodes/encodes binary or ASCII encoded PostScript fonts  
fontsampler make sample pages from PostScript fonts  
ttfwrapper wraps a True Type font into PostScript Type42 format