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times2svg - convert profiling numbers to SVG


 times2svg [options] -i input.log -o output.svg


This script converts timing information, as extracted from log files, into a bootchart-style diagram of the chart.


 Sep 28 06:03:22 srssweb2 SrsFrontEnd-srsdev[5465]: FE Times: ID=4,463603; type=RunLogCreate; 0=06:03:20.169630; tot=2.639; read=0.001; parseXML=0.006; send=0.002; recv=2.630; respond=0.000
 Sep 28 06:03:23 srssweb2 FeRep-srsdev[3945]: Times: ID=4,463604; 0=06:03:23.171035; tot=0.566; read_config=0.002; valid_config=0.000; fork=0.001; read=0.002; init=0.000; lock=0.004; m0:spread=0.035; m0:send=0.004; m0:srspapp3=0.518; check=0.001; respond=0.000; check2=0.000
 Sep 28 06:03:23 srssweb2 SrsFrontEnd-srsdev[5701]: FE Times: ID=4,463604; type=ScheduleUpdate; 0=06:03:23.162061; tot=0.580; read=0.001; parseXML=0.006; send=0.003; recv=0.569; respond=0.000


-i, --input=FILE

Specify where to read log lines from. Defaults to standard input.

-o, --output=FILE

Specify where to write output SVG to. Defaults to standard output.

-m, --multi=TAG

Specify a tag to correlate multiple related log messages on in a mixed input stream. In this case, the output filename is taken to be a base name for writing output SVG files to.

-n, --multi-number=NUM

Specify the maximum number of log lines expected for each correlatable log message.

-M, --multi-timeout=SECONDS

Specify the longest time over which log messages are to be correlated.

--yo, --yaml-out

Only perform parsing and correlation, and output a multi-document YAML stream, one combined set of profiles per document.

--yi, --yaml-in

Only perform the template processing part of the process. A stream is expected on input as produced by --yo

-t, --tvars=FILE

Specify a YAML file that contains extra template parameters to override the defaults. Use to specify a file containing report title, headers, styles, etc.

-h, --help

Display a program usage screen and exit.

-V, --version

Display program version and exit.

-v, --verbose

Verbose command execution, displaying things like the commands run, their output, etc.

-q, --quiet

Suppress all normal program output; only display errors and warnings.

-d, --debug

Display output to help someone debug this script, not the process going on.

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