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Tom Molesworth > Protocol-SPDY


This Release Protocol-SPDY-1.001  [Download] [Browse 01 Feb 2015
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Protocol::SPDY abstract support for the SPDY protocol     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Base abstract support for the SPDY protocol     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Client client-side handling for SPDY sessions     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Compress handle zlib compression/decompression     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Constants constant definitions for the SPDY protocol     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Frame support for SPDY frames     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Frame::Control control frame subclass for the SPDY protocol     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Frame::Control::CREDENTIAL certificate exchange     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Frame::Control::GOAWAY connection termination request     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Frame::Control::HEADERS header update packet     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Frame::Control::PING aliveness test     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Frame::Control::RST_STREAM stream reset     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Frame::Control::SETTINGS connection settings information     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Frame::Control::SYN_REPLY response to a SYN_STREAM     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Frame::Control::SYN_STREAM stream creation request packet for SPDY protocol     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Frame::Control::SynReply obsolete, replaced by Protocol::SPDY::Frame::Control::SYN_REPLY     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Frame::Control::SynStream stream creation request packet for SPDY protocol     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Frame::Control::WINDOW_UPDATE     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Frame::Data data frame support     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Frame::HeaderSupport helper methods for frames which contain header data     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Server server-side handling for SPDY sessions     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Stream single stream representation within a Protocol::SPDY connection     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Test helper functions for testing things     1.001
Protocol::SPDY::Tracer helper class for tracing SPDY sessions     1.001