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This Release Provision-Unix-1.08  [Download] [Browse 01 May 2015
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Provision::Unix provision hosting accounts on unix systems     1.07
Provision::Unix::DNS generic class for common DNS tasks     1.08
Provision::Unix::DNS::BIND Provision BIND DNS entries     1.08
Provision::Unix::DNS::NicTool Provision NicTool DNS entries     1.08
Provision::Unix::DNS::tinydns Provision tinydns DNS entries     1.08
Provision::Unix::User provision unix user accounts     1.08
Provision::Unix::User::Darwin provision user accounts on Darwin systems     1.08
Provision::Unix::User::FreeBSD provision user accounts on FreeBSD systems     1.08
Provision::Unix::User::Linux provision user accounts on Linux systems     1.08
Provision::Unix::Utility utility subroutines for sysadmin tasks     1.08
Provision::Unix::VirtualOS Provision virtual computers (VPS,VM,VE,Jail,etc)     1.08
Provision::Unix::VirtualOS::FreeBSD::Ezjail provision freebsd jails using ezjail     1.08
Provision::Unix::VirtualOS::FreeBSD::Jail provision freebsd jails     1.08
Provision::Unix::VirtualOS::Linux a framework for building Linux virtual machines     1.08
Provision::Unix::VirtualOS::Linux::OpenVZ provision a linux VPS using openvz     1.08
Provision::Unix::VirtualOS::Linux::Virtuozzo provision a linux VPS using Virtuozzo     1.08
Provision::Unix::VirtualOS::Linux::Xen provision a linux VPS using Xen     1.08
Provision::Unix::VirtualOS::Xen::Config perl interface to Xen configuration files     1.08
Provision::Unix::Web provision web hosting accounts     1.08
Provision::Unix::Web::Apache provision web hosting accounts on Apache     1.08
Provision::Unix::Web::Lighttpd provision www virtual hosts on lighttpd     1.08


prov_dns a command line interface for provisioning dns zones  
prov_user a command line interface for provisioning users and groups  
prov_virtual a command line interface for provisioning virtual machines  
prov_web a command line interface for provisioning web accounts