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Clint Edwards > RPC-Simple


This Release RPC-Simple-1.002  [Download] [Browse 03 Jul 2006
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Special Files


RPC::Simple Perl classes to handle simple asynchronous RPC calls with call-back    1.002
RPC::Simple::Agent Perl extension for an agent object for RPC    1.7
RPC::Simple::AnyLocal Perl extension defining a virtual SRPC client class    1.8
RPC::Simple::AnyRemote Perl base class for a remote object accessible by RPC    1.6
RPC::Simple::AnyWhere extension defining a virtual SRPC client or server class    1.6
RPC::Simple::CallHandler Perl class to handle RPC calls with call-back    1.6
RPC::Simple::Factory Perl extension for creating RPC client    1.9
RPC::Simple::ObjectHandler Perl class to handle a remote object    1.7
RPC::Simple::Server Perl class to use in the RPC server script.    1.8