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tools/docs/ - Write HTML documentation


    % perl tools/docs/ [--version=VERSION]


This script writes the HTML documentation for Parrot by transforming existing POD files into pretty HTML output. Index pages are also generated.

This script will look in the docs/index directory for JSON files. Each JSON file will generate a separate "table of contents" page, and each referenced POD file will generate a HTML page. Referenced files must reside within the Parrot repo, but they may be located outside of the /docs directory.

JSON Syntax

Each JSON file should look similar to the following:

       "page" : "index",
       "content" : [
             "title" : "Introduction",
             "source" : [
             "title" : "Working with Parrot",
             "source" : [
             "resource" : "docs/*.png"



The name of this page. It must be unique for all JSON pages; the generated HTML will reside at "$target_dir/$page.html", where $target_dir is the destination for all generated content.

Each page must contain a content element.


An array of sections shown for this page.

Each section must be a hash that contains a title and source entry.


The title of each section. It need not be unique.


A listing of POD files. This may be an array or a string; a string will behave as an array of one element.

Each element in the array must be a path relative to the Parrot repo, such as "docs/pmc/default.pmc". Globbing is supported, so paths liek "docs/pmc/*.pmc" are also allowed.


An optional listing of files that should be copied directly to $target_dir. This is useful for things like images that require no transformation, but should be accessible to generated output.

This element behaves similarly to source: a string or array may be passed, and globbing is performed for each element.

Utility Methods


Process a given JSON chunk to retrieve a list of input files. Currently, this is used to retrieve input POD files and static images.

The JSON chunk may be an array or a string (which is transformed into a single-element array).

Each array element should be a file path relative to the parrot repo; it is not necessary for resources to live under docs/. Globs are also allowed, so you can include many files at once.

transform_input($input, $parent, $parent_title)

Transform the specfied POD file into HTML. $input should be a path to the POD file, relative to the Parrot repo (e.g., "src/pmc/default.pmc"). $parent and $parent_title both refer to the parent's "page" JSON chunk and "title" JSON chunk, respectively. Parent information will be used to create breadcrumb links.

The resulting HTML will be copied to $target_dir, preserving the relative location of the input file, for example:

    "src/pmc/default.pmc" => "$target_dir/src/pmc/default.pmc"
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