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Rosetta::Migration - Assist translating between various languages


The native command language of a Rosetta DBMS / virtual machine is called Rosetta D. Both that language, and the details of the Rosetta virtual machine's environment in which it executes, are described fully in the Rosetta::Language documentation file that comes with this "Rosetta" distribution. The Rosetta core file defines the programmatic API for applications to use these virtual machines.

This document, Rosetta::Migration ("Migration"), is intended to help users of Rosetta to map the concepts and syntax of their existing database access tools, database schemas, and database queries, between Rosetta's native language and their current forms, such as SQL:2003 and other SQL dialects, and the "Tutorial D" relational data language, and various general purpose programming languages like C and Perl.

This document should be helpful when converting applications to use Rosetta to define their relational database concerning structures and tasks. This document should also be helpful when creating a Rosetta-based API layer on top of an existing database manager, so you know how to go about translating input and output to and from that database manager, or when creating something like a SQL translating tool.


Go to Rosetta for the majority of distribution-internal references, and Rosetta::SeeAlso for the majority of distribution-external references.


Darren R. Duncan (


This file is part of the Rosetta DBMS framework.

Rosetta is Copyright (c) 2002-2006, Darren R. Duncan.

See the LICENCE AND COPYRIGHT of Rosetta for details.


The ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS in Rosetta apply to this file too.

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