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This Release SNA-Network-0.18  [Download] [Browse 29 Oct 2012
Latest Release SNA-Network-0.20  [Download] [Browse 05 Dec 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


SNA::Network A toolkit for Social Network Analysis     0.18
SNA::Network::Algorithm::Betweenness Calculate betweenneess values for all nodes      
SNA::Network::Algorithm::Connectivity identify network components      
SNA::Network::Algorithm::Cores calculate core collapse sequences (CCS)      
SNA::Network::Algorithm::HITS implementation of Kleinberg's HITS algorithm      
SNA::Network::Algorithm::Louvain identifies communities with the Louvain-method developed by Blondel and Guillaume and Lamboitte and Lefebvre      
SNA::Network::Algorithm::PageRank implementation of the PageRank algorithm      
SNA::Network::Community Community class for SNA::Network      
SNA::Network::Edge Edge class for SNA::Network      
SNA::Network::Filter::Guess load and save networks from/to Guess .gdf files      
SNA::Network::Filter::Pajek load and save networks from/to Pajek .net files      
SNA::Network::Generator::ByDensity Generate random networks by density      
SNA::Network::Generator::ConfigurationModel Generate random networks according to the configuration model      
SNA::Network::Generator::MCMC Generate random networks by a series of edge swaps according to the Markov Chain Monte Carlo principle      
SNA::Network::Node Node class for SNA::Network      
SNA::Network::Node::Plugin::Test Test plugin for SNA::Network::Node      
SNA::Network::Plugin::Test Test plugin for SNA::Network