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This Release SOAP-0.28  [Download] [Browse 05 Sep 2000
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Special Files


SOAP Library for SOAP clients and servers in Perl    0.28
SOAP::Defs Spec-defined constants    0.28
SOAP::Envelope Creates SOAP streams    0.28
SOAP::EnvelopeMaker Creates SOAP envelopes    0.28
SOAP::GenericHashSerializer Generic serializer for Perl hashes    0.28
SOAP::GenericInputStream Default handler for SOAP::Parser output    0.28
SOAP::GenericScalarSerializer Generic serializer for Perl scalar references    0.28
SOAP::OutputStream Writes SOAP fragments    0.28
SOAP::Packager SOAP internal helper class    0.28
SOAP::Parser Parses SOAP documents    0.28
SOAP::Serializer serialization utilities    0.28
SOAP::SimpleTypeWrapper deprecated    0.28
SOAP::Struct support for ordered hashes    0.28
SOAP::StructSerializer (internal) serializer for SOAP structs    0.28
SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Apache SOAP mod_perl handler    0.28
SOAP::Transport::HTTP::CGI Generic SOAP CGI handler    0.28
SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Client Client side HTTP support for SOAP/Perl    0.28
SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Server Server side HTTP support for SOAP/Perl    0.28
SOAP::TypeMapper Maps Perl types to their serializer/deserializer classes    0.28
SOAP::TypedPrimitive Wrapper for xsd primitives that need explicit SOAP type attributes    0.28
SOAP::TypedPrimitiveSerializer serializer for xsd scalars    0.28