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André Rivotti Casimiro > SQL-QueryBuilder-Pretty-0.01


This Release SQL-QueryBuilder-Pretty-0.01  [Download] [Browse 06 Nov 2009
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Special Files


SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty Perl extension to beautify SQL.     0.01
SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty::Database::ANSI::Clause Rule to process ANSI clauses.     0.01
SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty::Database::ANSI::Comment Rule to process ANSI comments.     0.01
SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty::Database::ANSI::Function Rule to process ANSI functions.     0.01
SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty::Database::ANSI::Identifier Rule to process ANSI identifiers.     0.01
SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty::Database::ANSI::LogicOperator Rule to process ANSI logic operators.     0.01
SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty::Database::ANSI::Operator Rule to process ANSI operators.     0.01
SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty::Database::ANSI::Punctuation Rule to process ANSI punctuations.     0.01
SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty::Database::ANSI::Quote Rule to process ANSI quotes.     0.01
SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty::Database::ANSI::Space Rule to process ANSI spaces.     0.01
SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty::Database::ANSI::Statement Rule to process ANSI statements.     0.01
SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty::Database::MySQL MySQL extension for SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty.     0.01
SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty::Database::MySQL::Clause Rule to process MySQL clauses.      
SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty::Handler::DBI::db DBI handler extension for SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty.      
SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty::Handler::DBI::db::mysql DBI::mysql driver handler extension for SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty::DBI::db.      
SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty::Print Query construction object for SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty's rules.     0.01
SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty::Rule Base module for SQL::QueryBuilder::Pretty's rules.     0.01