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Peter Karman > SWISH-Prog


This Release SWISH-Prog-0.75  [Download] [Browse 11 Dec 2013
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Special Files


SWISH::Prog information retrieval application framework     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Aggregator document aggregation base class     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Aggregator::DBI index DB records with Swish-e     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Aggregator::FS crawl a filesystem     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Aggregator::Mail crawl a mail box     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Aggregator::MailFS crawl a filesystem of email messages     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Aggregator::Object index Perl objects with Swish-e     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Aggregator::Spider web aggregator     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Aggregator::Spider::Response spider response     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Aggregator::Spider::UA spider user agent     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Cache simple in-memory cache class     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Class base class for SWISH::Prog classes     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Config read/write Swish-e config files     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Doc Document object class for passing to SWISH::Prog::Indexer     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Headers create document headers for Swish-e -S prog     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Indexer base indexer class     0.75
SWISH::Prog::InvIndex base class for Swish-e inverted indexes     0.75
SWISH::Prog::InvIndex::Meta read/write InvIndex metadata     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Native::Indexer wrapper around Swish-e binary     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Native::InvIndex the native Swish-e index format     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Native::Result result class for SWISH::API::Object     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Native::Searcher wrapper for SWISH::API::Object     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Queue simple in-memory FIFO queue class     0.75
SWISH::Prog::ReplaceRules filename mangler     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Result base result class     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Results base results class     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Searcher base searcher class     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Test::Indexer test indexer class     0.75
SWISH::Prog::Utils utility variables and methods     0.75