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This Release Salvation-0.9913  [Download] [Browse 02 Apr 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Salvation Simple and free architectural solution for huge applications     0.9913
Salvation::CLI Salvation CLI tool      
Salvation::Roles::AppArgs Application arguments definition      
Salvation::Roles::DataSet DataSet reference definition      
Salvation::Roles::ServiceReference Service reference definition      
Salvation::Roles::ServiceState Service state reference definition      
Salvation::Roles::SharedStorage Shared storage reference definition      
Salvation::Roles::SystemReference System reference definition      
Salvation::Service Base class for a service      
Salvation::Service::Controller Base class for controller      
Salvation::Service::DataSet Base class for DataSet      
Salvation::Service::Hook Base class for a hook      
Salvation::Service::Intent Special object representing an intention of running another service within the same environment as the current one      
Salvation::Service::Model Base class for a model      
Salvation::Service::OutputProcessor Base class for output processor engine      
Salvation::Service::State Service state object      
Salvation::Service::View Base class for a view      
Salvation::Service::View::SimpleCache     1
Salvation::Service::View::Stack Result of object processing generated by view      
Salvation::Service::View::Stack::Convert::To::XML Salvation::Service::View::Stack to XML converter      
Salvation::Service::View::Stack::Frame A result of column processing generated by view      
Salvation::Service::View::Stack::Frame::List A list of a frames      
Salvation::Service::View::Stack::Parser Salvation::Service::View::Stack parser      
Salvation::SharedStorage Handy storage object      
Salvation::Stuff     1.01
Salvation::System Base class for a system