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This Release Selenium-Remote-Driver-0.24  [Download] [Browse 04 Mar 2015
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Repository https://github.com/gempesaw/Selenium-Remote-Driver.git - Website
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License The Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004
Special Files


Selenium::Chrome A convenience package for creating a Chrome instance     0.24
Selenium::Firefox A convenience package for creating a Firefox instance     0.24
Selenium::InternetExplorer A convenience package for creating a IE instance     0.24
Selenium::PhantomJS A convenience package for creating a PhantomJS instance     0.24
Selenium::Remote::Commands Implement commands for Selenium::Remote::Driver     0.24
Selenium::Remote::Driver Perl Client for Selenium Remote Driver     0.24
Selenium::Remote::Driver::Firefox::Profile Use custom profiles with Selenium::Remote::Driver     0.24
Selenium::Remote::ErrorHandler Error handler for Selenium::Remote::Driver     0.24
Selenium::Remote::Finders Handle construction of generic parameter finders     0.24
Selenium::Remote::Mock::Commands utility class to mock Selenium::Remote::Commands     0.24
Selenium::Remote::Mock::RemoteConnection utility class to mock the responses from Selenium server     0.24
Selenium::Remote::RemoteConnection Connect to a selenium server     0.24
Selenium::Remote::WDKeys Representation of keystrokes used by Selenium::Remote::WebDriver     0.24
Selenium::Remote::WebElement Representation of an HTML Element used by Selenium Remote Driver     0.24
Selenium::Waiter Provides a utility wait_until function     0.24
Test::Selenium::Remote::Driver     0.24
Test::Selenium::Remote::Role::DoesTesting     0.24
Test::Selenium::Remote::WebElement     0.24


Selenium::Remote::Role::DoesTesting Role implementing the common logic used for testing  

Other Files