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This Release Set-Associate-0.004001  [Download] [Browse 07 Mar 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Set::Associate Pick items from a data set associatively     0.004001
Set::Associate::NewKey New Key assignment methods     0.004001
Set::Associate::NewKey::HashMD5 Pick a value from the pool based on the MD5 value of the key     0.004001
Set::Associate::NewKey::HashSHA1 Pick a value from the pool based on the SHA1 value of the key     0.004001
Set::Associate::NewKey::LinearWrap destructively empty the supply pool from the left hand end to give associations.     0.004001
Set::Associate::NewKey::PickOffset Associate a key with a value from a pool based on the keys value as a numeric offset.     0.004001
Set::Associate::NewKey::RandomPick Associate a key by randomly picking from a pool     0.004001
Set::Associate::RefillItems Pool re-population methods     0.004001
Set::Associate::RefillItems::Linear a refill method that replenishes the cache with a repeating set of items     0.004001
Set::Associate::RefillItems::Shuffle a refill method that replenishes the cache with a shuffled list     0.004001
Set::Associate::Role::NewKey A Key Association methodology for Set::Associate     0.004001
Set::Associate::Role::RefillItems A data provider for Set::Associate     0.004001
Set::Associate::Utils Shared Guts between Set::Associate modules     0.004001