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Nicholas Perez > ShardedKV-0.15


This Release ShardedKV-0.15  [Download] [Browse 22 Jan 2013
Latest Release ShardedKV-0.20  [Download] [Browse 14 Jun 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


ShardedKV An interface to sharded key-value stores     0.15
ShardedKV::Continuum The continuum role     0.15
ShardedKV::Continuum::Ketama Continuum implementation based on ketama consistent hashing     0.15
ShardedKV::Continuum::StaticMapping A continuum strategy based on a simple "significant bits" static mapping     0.15
ShardedKV::Error Provides an error class for managing exceptions     0.15
ShardedKV::Error::ConnectFail Thrown when connection exceptions occur.     0.15
ShardedKV::Error::ReadFail Thrown when get() fails on a storage backend     0.15
ShardedKV::Error::WriteFail Thrown when set() fails on a storage backend     0.15
ShardedKV::HasLogger The logging role for ShardedKV objects     0.15
ShardedKV::Storage Role for classes implementing storage backends     0.15
ShardedKV::Storage::Memory Testing storage backend for in-memory storage     0.15
ShardedKV::Storage::MySQL MySQL storage backend for ShardedKV     0.15
ShardedKV::Storage::MySQL::ActiveKeyMigration Simple-minded active key migration for the MySQL storage back-end     0.15
ShardedKV::Storage::Redis Abstract base class for storing k/v pairs in Redis     0.15
ShardedKV::Storage::Redis::Hash Storing hash values in Redis     0.15
ShardedKV::Storage::Redis::String Storing simple string values in Redis     0.15

Other Files